• Charlie Greene

In-Season Report 3

Hello Bisons Booster Club members, family and friends, This is your Booster Club First Vice-President reporting from Buffalo, NY. TRIVIA QUESTIONS: 1. How many minor league perfect games have been pitched since 1887? 2. How many of the 13 players to hit two grand slam home runs in one game are in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Answers below. WEATHER REPORT: If the Bisons had played their home opening game at Sahlen Field on Friday, April 17th, the temperature at the start of the 6:05 PM game would have been 35 degrees with snow flurries  and a 3 mph wind out of the WNW.  If the Herd had continued to play the first home stand of the season, the highest temperature at the start of a game would have been 47 degrees on Monday, April 20th (6:05 PM game) and the lowest temperature at the start of a game would have been the 35 degrees on Opening Day. HEALTH REPORT: As of April 9th,I was C-virus symptom free, but continued isolation until the 16th.  For one week, my only symptom was clogged sinuses.  Then, on the 16th, which was to be my day to end isolation, my breathing became difficult.  My doctor put me on 2 medications and an inhaler.  By the next morning, I was feeling excellent.  I had a bit of a setback on the 18th, but have felt normal ever since then.  Because I still am around, I am hoping that all the prayers being sent in my behalf is helping God to decide to keep me down on earth for a while longer.  Whatever the case may be, I thank everyone who sent encouraging wishes to me and prayers to God for me.  I hope none of us have to go through this kind of experience again and can soon enjoy baseball at Sahlen Field. By the way, both my daughter, who lives near Dallas and had the virus, and I found that drinking hot tea with lemon 3 or 4 times a day relieved the symptoms of the C-virus.  If you know someone who has a case of it and does not need hospitalization, suggest to them that they try hot tea with lemon. SPORTS PAGE: I encourage you to check out the Bisons Facebook page and Bison.com regularly.  The Bisons staff is trying to provide items of interest to fans of all ages regularly until baseball at Sahen Field returns.   I hope the Bisons are able to play their home series with the Toledo Mud Hens July 31 - August 2 because it will be good to see the Bisons first home run hero at what is now Sahlen Field, catcher Tom Prince who is now the Manager of the Mud Hens.  (He hit a home run in that opening game which ended in a Bisons 1-0 victory.) Another one of my childhood heroes, Jim Frey, died on Sunday,April 12th at age 88.  Frey played outfield for the Rochester Red Wings in 1959 and 1960 and for the Bisons in 1961 and 1962.  He won the International League batting title in 1960 and then went on to manage the Royals and the Cubs and coach for the Mets. The only good advantage of not playing Bisons games in April that I can think of is that we did not have to dress in 4 layers of winter clothing to attend a game as if we were dressing for a Bills game in December. On Monday evening, April 20th, I participated in the Zoom meeting of the Tidewatchers, the Norfolk Tides Booster Club.  I was able to express greetings from the Bisons Booster Club and express our mutual hope that International League baseball will return sometime this year.  Our Bisons Booster Club officers are exploring the possibility of holding a similar meeting in the near future. In addition to Opening Day, so far, Bisons fans have missed, the season's first dog day and the first Kids Club Sunday,  Representatives of Major League and Minor League Baseball met today to discuss the alignment of minor league teams in 2021.  Rather than speculate what might result from today's meeting, I will include any information that becomes available in my next report. Transactions: On April 14th, the Red Sox announced former Bisons outfielder/first baseman Steve Pearce has retired. No International League teams had any transactions since what would have been the start of the season on April 9th. IN OTHER NEWS: On April 8th, the Brevard (Florida) County School District announced that schools would not open until the scheduled start of the 2020-2021 school year in August.  From then until the scheduled end of the 2019-2020 school year, teachers will continue to send lesson materials to students with deadlines for completion.  About 90% of the students seemed to be doing the work. By the power invested in me by the Governor of the State of New York on Sunday, April 19, 2020, I am now authorized to perform weddings in the State of New York via the Internet. He did not say how we were to handle signing of the marriage license nor whether witnesses will be required to sign the license, but I am sure we can work that out. TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1. Since 1887, there have been 189 minor league perfect games. 2. Yankee Tony Lazzeri and Oriole Frank Robinson are the only players who have hit 2 grand slam home runs in a game who are in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Lazzeri was inducted in 1991 and Robinson entered in 1982.  Batting 8th in the lineup, Lazzeri hit 2 grand slams in a 25-2 rout of the Philadelphia Athletics in Shibe Park on May 24, 1936.  He also tripled and had a third home run in five at bats, driving in 11 runs.  Robinson cleared the bases twice in the Orioles 12-2 victory over the Washington Senators at RFK Stadium on June 26, 1970. BACK PAGE: If the Bisons were playing, they would have a day off tomorrow and then play a three game weekend series in Rochester vs the Red Wings.  It would have been a good opportunity for Conehead and other Western New Yorkers to take a weekend trip to the Flour City. Charlie Greene, First Vice-President, Buffalo Bisons Booster Club


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