• Charlie Greene

In-Season Report 4

Hello Bisons Booster Club members, family and friends,

This is your Booster Club First Vice-President reporting from Buffalo, New York. TRIVIA QUESTIONS: 1. How many Triple A level leagues have there been since the first one was organized? 2. Who are the only Major League rookies to have hit a home run in their first-ever at bat in the same game? Answers below. WEATHER REPORT: The highest temperature at the start of a game if the Bisons had played their second home stand of this year would have been 67 degrees on Wednesday, April 29th and the lowest temperature at the start of a game would have been 53 degrees on Monday, April 27th.. SPORTS PAGE: Nothing was finalized at the meeting involving representatives of Major League and Minor League baseball on April 22nd.  Still among the 42 minor league teams that MLB wants to eliminate are Batavia of the New York-Penn League and AA teams in Binghamton, NY and Erie, PA.  Undoubtedly, there will be a realignment of AAA level teams with the possibility of a third AAA level league being restored. If the Bisons had played their second home stand of the season, there would have been a Boy Scout camp out, a Dog Day, a Mascot Brunch and Friday night fireworks. The May edition of the Sports Illustrated magazine included a story about how players families are coping with the players being home full-time.  Two former Bisons were mentioned.  Daniel Murphy has been banned by his wife from doing grocery shopping after having done a poor job of it when he first tried.  Justin Turner and his wife spend most days on the phone for their Justin Turner Foundation, which has paid Los Angeles restaurants to cater meals for pickup for children who lost access to school meals. Transactions: There were no transactions involving any International League teams this month. IN OTHER NEWS: On Saturday afternoon, May 2nd, the Bisons Booster Club held a Zoom meeting.  The guest speaker was Bisons General Manager Anthony Sprague.  He explained that one of the differences between being Assistant General Manager as he was last year and now being General Manager is that he will have more contact with the team manager and, when there is inclement weather, with the umpires, but he continues to look forward to mingling with fans in the stadium.  He hopes that there will be some sort of International League season and his staff already is looking at ways for fans to attend the games and still observe social distancing that may be mandated because of Covid-19.  Club members who attended the Zoom meeting said they would support any changes that would allow at least some fans to attend games.  Sprague expects that some changes will have to be made in the International League during the next five years because of demands by Major League Baseball, but no decisions have been made about what those changes may be.  Watch the Bisons.com site and the Bisons Facebook page for an announcement that a Bisons logo face mask is available.  All proceeds from the sale of masks will be donated to an appropriate charity. TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1.  There have been 5 AAA leagues through the years.  The International League is the grand-daddy of them all, having been organized in 1886 and continuing uninterrupted to the present.  The Pacific Coast League has been active from 1946 to 1951 and 1958 to the present.  The others are: the Mexican League (1967-present), the American Association (1946-1962 and 1969-1997) and the Inter-American League (1979). 2. In a game on April 19, 1938, Ernie Koy of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Heinie Mueller of the Philadelphia Phillies each hit a home run in their first-ever major league at bat.  The Dodgers won the game, 12-5.  Koy played five seasons and hit 36 home runs.  Mueller played just 4 years and hit 17 round trippers. BACK PAGE: If the Bisons were playing, they would have a day off on Monday, May 4th, and then go on a 6 day road trip to Indianapolis and Louisville, 3 games in each city. Charlie Greene, First Vice-President, Buffalo Bisons Booster Club


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