• Charlie Greene

In-Season Report 5

Hello Bisons Booster Club members, family and friends,

This is your Booster Club First Vice-President reporting from Buffalo, NY. TRIVIA QUESTIONS: 1.  What teams were in the International League when it was organized in 1886? 2. What Boston Red Sox hitter has had the most 3 home run games? Answers below. WEATHER REPORT: The highest temperature at the start of a game if the Bisons had played their third home stand of this season would have been 66 degrees on Sunday, May 17th, a 1:05 PM game, and the lowest temperature at the start of a game would have been 41 degrees on Monday, May 11th, a 6:05 PM game. SPORTS PAGE: If the Bisons had played their third home stand of the season, there would have been a Friday Night Bash Disco Night with fireworks, a Thank a Vet Day, a Kids Club Sunday and the first meeting of the season of the Bisons Booster Club with a player new to Buffalo as the guest speaker.  Last year's Friday Night fireworks can be seen on the Bisons.com web site and on the Bisons Facebook page. Proposals abound regarding the start-up of Major League Baseball.  One plan has the teams playing at their spring training sites in Arizona and Florida and, possibly, in stadiums in Texas, all without fans in the stands.  Another proposal has the American and National Leagues uniting and teams playing in three "regional" groups, but the regions are somewhat spread out.  For example, Toronto would be in the same region as Miami.  Games would be played in the home team stadiums, but with no fans in the seats.  These ideas simply are proposals and no agreements have been made between the team owners and the players.  A few players have made strong statements about not being willing to play under any of the proposed arrangements.  Meanwhile, there has been no talk about starting minor league baseball. According to New York Daily News columnist Bill Madden, the minor leagues have tentatively agreed to the Major League Baseball proposal to eliminate 40 minor league teams.  All of the short-season leagues, including the New York-Penn League, would be eliminated.  At least 5 of the NY-P League teams, not including Batavia, would be merged into the Low-A level South Atlantic League as its newly-created northern division.  The plan is still tentative partly because some minor league teams may cease to exist due to their owners not being able to maintain them after losing at least part of and maybe all of the 2020 season.  Madden predicts that there is going to be no minor league baseball at all this year. One of the reasons it is difficult for teams to know whether or not they will play this year is the number of states that are involved.  For example, the International League plays in 11 states.  The regulations for what can and cannot be done in these states varies.  One may allow games; another may not.  Then, there is the matter of whether or not any fans can be in stadiums and, if so, how many.  If the number of fans is limited, how do teams determine seating patterns and who among their season ticket holders, partial season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders will be allowed in the stadiums.  In addition, issues like whether or not fans will need to have their temperatures taken before they enter the stadium, will those who attend have to wear masks and how will folks observe social distancing are among the concerns to be decided. On May 11th, the organizers of the World Baseball Classic announced that it would not be held in 2021 when it was scheduled to be played.  It may not return until 2023.  Although this may be disappointing to some players and some countries, many spring training fans are happy to hear about the postponement because it means that players will be in their spring training sites for games next March instead of being away to play for their home country in the Classic tournament.  The Classic was to have involved teams from 20 countries and games played in Japan, Taiwan and the United States from March 9 to 23 next year. Transactions: There were no transactions involving International League teams this month. TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1. The following teams were in the International League when it first organized in 1886: Binghamton Crickets, Buffalo Bisons, Hamilton Clippers, Oswego Starchboxes, Rochester Maroons, Syracuse Stars, Toronto Canucks and Utica Pent Ups. 2. Mookie Betts has had the most 3 home run games as a Boston Red Sox player with four.  He went 4 for 4 on May 2, 2018 and hit all 3 of his homers off Royals lefty Dan Duffy to lead Boston to a 5-4 victory.  He had been tied with Ted Williams for the previous team record of three 3 homer games. BACK PAGE: If the Bisons were playing, they would have a day off on Monday, May 18th, and then go on a 7 day road trip with 3 games vs Scranton Wilkes-Barre and 4 against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Charles Greene, First Vice-President Buffalo Bisons Booster Club


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