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In-Season Report 6

Hello Bisons Booster Club members, family and friends,

This is your Booster Club First Vice-President reporting from Buffalo, NY. TRIVIA QUESTIONS: 1. I mentioned in a previous report that there have been 5 AAA level leagues from 1886 to this year.  How many perfect games have been played in those leagues since 1912? 2. Who were the two Dodgers players who hit more home runs in the 1950s than anyone else? Answers below. WEATHER REPORT: The highest temperature at the start of a game if the Bisons had played their fourth home stand of this season would have been 94 degrees on Tuesday, May 26th, and the lowest temperature at the start of a game would have been 78 degrees on Thursday, May 28th. SPORTS PAGE: If the Bisons had played their 4th home stand of the season, there would have been 6:05 PM games on Tuesday and Wednesday and a 10:35 AM School Kids Day game on Thursday. Major League and Minor League Baseball continue to negotiate regarding the elimination of up to 42 minor league teams before the 2021 season.  Among the issues of concern is the loss of money by owners of and investors in the minor league franchises that would be ended.  It is difficult to obtain the value of teams at every level, but a recent report from the Sports Illustrated magazine publishers indicated that the Dayton, Ohio, Dragons, an A level team, is worth 45 million dollars and the Charlotte Knights of the International League and the Sacramento River Cats of the Pacific Coast League are among the most valuable minor league franchises, worth at least as much as the Dragons.  Meanwhile, the effort to preserve some lower level teams is turning into what one reporter called "the wild west."  Some unnamed teams on the list of teams to be eliminated have offered to have their current Major League affiliate buy at least part ownership of the team.  The thinking is that, if the team is owned at least partially by a MLB team, then it will not be eliminated, even though it may need to change leagues.  If that were to happen, then another team would have to be added to the list of teams to be eliminated.  Officially, minor league teams are not allowed to talk to MLB teams about affiliations until after September, but so far no one has objected to the behind the scenes inquires that are being made.  Once MLB team owners and players are able to agree on whether or how to begin MLB play, then the agreements between MLB and MiLB should be decided. On May 26th, MLB owners sent a proposal to the players' union regarding how to begin play.  Included in the plan was the idea that players salaries should be based upon a sliding scale with the highest paid players receiving the biggest cuts and the lowest paid players receiving the least cuts.  The minimum salary for Major Leaguers this year is $563,500.00.  Within hours, the players union responded negatively to the proposal, leaving the restart of "spring training" and the season in limbo. Some folks in Western New York have enjoyed watching baseball games in Batavia and Niagara Falls as well as at Sahlen Field.   The Batavia Muckdogs player agreement with the Miami Marlins expires at the end of the 2020 season, whether or not games are played.  The Muckdogs office has been closed since their season ended last year.  The Mayor of Batavia has joined the attempt to not have the Muckdogs included in the 42 teams to be eliminated from affiliated baseball (see above), but the teams future still is in doubt because the franchise is now controlled by the New York Penn league.  League officials are trying to find a new owner for the team who probably would move the team out of Batavia.  The Niagara Power organization has canceled their 2020 season.  Several other teams in the New York Collegiate Baseball League have also withdrawn for the summer.  The teams that remain are subject to following MLB protocol, which has delayed summer collegiate baseball team's start date until mid-June as of last April, and is subject to change.  The team is releasing material on their "Niagara Power Baseball" web site including weekly podcasts, content, information and merchandise to keep Power fans geared up for the 2021 season. The county in Florida in which we live for 5 months of the year announced on May 21st that the legislators have approved a 70-team  amateur baseball tournament to be held in July at the sports complex in Viera, 15 miles from our Florida house.  Apparently, they are assuming that it will be safe to play baseball by then.  We shall see! The Major League baseball draft will be conducted on June 10th, but will consist of only 5 rounds rather than the 40 rounds of previous years.  That means that many players who would have been picked in later rounds and who eventually would become major leaguers, like catcher Mike Piazza who was selected in the 62nd round in 1988, will never have a chance to become professional players. The Blue Jays are slated to pick sixth and have a total of 5 selections in the 2020 draft. On Tuesday, May 19th, I participated in the meeting of the Norfolk Tidewatchers, the Tides booster club.  The guest speaker was Ken Young, the President of the Tides.  His comments included: ...He hopes that a decision will be made by June 1st regarding whether or not minor leagues will play any games this year. ...The current plan to begin Major League play includes having a "taxi squad" of at least 10 players working in the spring training sites of major league teams.  These players would be ready to play, if an active player were to become injured.   ...Most of the players on the "taxi squad" would be high level minor league players.  That means, if AAA level baseball returns, some of the players on the teams like Buffalo and Norfolk would be lower level players who normally would not be playing in AAA this season.  (See below.) ... The latest proposal from Major  League Baseball includes extending the minor league season by one week starting in 2021 in order to give the players more days off during the season.  Whether the added week, if approved, would be added at the beginning or the end is not determined, but he favors adding a week in September rather than starting the season earlier in the spring when the weather usually is not as good as it is in September throughout the International League. ...Another change he sees coming is minor league teams playing more regional games in order to reduce travel times on buses and early morning plane flights. ...His staff, all of whom are still employed, is working on how to keep people separating when exiting the stadium after a game. ...The Tides are considering using their stadium, Harbor Park, for graduation ceremonies, church services and drive in fireworks. ...Minor league players are being paid until the end of this month.  What happens after that is not yet determined. ...Despite the financial loses being experienced this season, which will carry over to next year in some cases, the Tides will be able to survive even if no games are played this year. ...Season ticket holders will be given options about what to do with their 2020 season deposits once a decision is made about whether or not games will be played this year and, if so, how many. Sean Gregory, sports reporter for Time magazine, in the June 1/June 8 issue, reported that Major League Baseball has proposed that active rosters of Major League teams be expanded  to 30 players plus a 20-man taxi squad for the 2020 season, effectively canceling minor-league baseball this year. On the hopeful side, the Seattle Mariners plan to open their spring training site in Arizona for voluntary workouts on June 1st.  On the less hopeful side, former Bisons pitcher Colin McHugh, who is now a Boston Red Sox, questioned the wisdom of Major League baseball returning to play noting that he would not want to expose his wife and children to the virus.  He also expressed concern for the many coaches and umpires who are over 65 years old and therefore are in the age group that are more susceptible to catching Covid-19 and suffering greatly from it. On Sunday, May 24th New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo encourage professional sports teams to open their training camps and prepare to resume play in New York State without any fans in the stadiums and arenas.  In his statement, he referred only to Major League teams in basketball, hockey and baseball.  How his encouragement would effect minor league baseball teams is not yet determined. Transactions: There were no transactions on any of the International League team rosters so far this month. TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1.  The 5 AAA level leagues have had a total of 47 perfect games since 1912: International League - 16, Pacific Coast League - 10, Mexican League - 16, American Association - 5 and Inter-American League - 0. 2. Gil Hodges and Duke Snider are the two Dodgers players who hit more home runs in the 1950s than anyone else.  First baseman Hodges hit 310 of his 370 home runs in the 1950s.  Center Fielder Duke Snider hit 326 of his 407 career home runs to lead all players in the 1950s.  He had 5 consecutive 40-plus-home run seasons from 1953 through 1957 and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1980. BACK PAGE: If the Bisons were playing, they would end the School Kids Day game early in the afternoon of May 28th and then have the rest of the day off before traveling to Rochester on Friday, May 29th, for a three game weekend series vs the Red Wings at Frontier Field followed by a day off on Monday, June 1st. Charlie Greene, First Vice-President, Buffalo Bisons Booster Club


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