• Charlie Greene

Spring Training Report 20

Hello Bisons Booster Club members, family and friends,

This is your Booster Club First Vice-President reporting from West Melbourne, Florida. BREAKING NEWS: By the time you read this email, probably you already know that all spring training games have been cancelled beginning at 4:00 PM today.  I was going back to Dunedin on Saturday for  games, but I already have canceled my motel reservations.  Also, I will not be putting any mileage on my car to drive the 120 mile round trip to Port St. Lucie for what would have been the Mets final Grapefruit League game this spring.  I am not convinced that the cancellation was necessary, but I do not have a vote, so as folks say, "it is what it is."  In think President Trump should have followed the example of President Roosevelt during World War II and declare that baseball should continue its regular schedule for the good of the morale of the country! TRIVIA QUESTIONS: 1.  What did T. J. Zeuch accomplish when he joined the Blue Jays after pitching his no-hitter vs Rochester? 2.  What 3 players hit for the cycle and had a total of 6 hits in the same game.? Answers below. WEATHER REPORT: The temperature at 6:48 AM when collie Mimzie and I started out on our short walk was 62 degrees with a 3 mph wind blowing out of the WNW under overcast skies with a slimming super moon shining down between the clouds.  The high temperature this afternoon was 79 degrees at 4:23  PM under patchy clouds that threatened to drop a little rain with a 12 mph wind blowing out of the east.  The average high on this date over the past 30 years is 76 degrees and the average low is 54 degrees while the all-time high was 89 in 1962 and the record low was 40 in 1961. SPORTS PAGE: Today, the Blue Jays defeated the Pirates 7-5 on the road in Bradenton. At bat: Bo Bichette SS hit his 4th home run of the spring in one of his 3 times at bat and walked once. .290. Cavan Biggio CF hit a single in one of his 3 plate appearances. .192. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. DH hit his 6th double of the spring in one of his 3 trips to the plate. .333. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit is 3rd home run of spring training and struck out his other time at bat. .286. Reuben Tejada, 3B was 0 for 3 with a strikeout. .158. Reese McGuire C went 1 for 2 with a single, a run scored, a strikeout and a walk. .200. Joe Panik 2B hit a single in one of his 2 trips to the plate. .435. Santiago Espinal 2B hit his third double of the spring and drove in a run in one of his 2 times at bat. .417. Andy Burns PH-LF walked in his only plate appearance. .333. On the mound: Sean Reid-Foley pitched an inning, allowing a hit with a walk and a strikeout, 0.00. Justin Miller also pitched one inning being charged with a hit and one earned run while striking out 1. 1.50. Former Bisons who played in the last Grapefruit League games today: For the Marlins: Jon Berti 3B was 0 for 3. For the Yankees: Gio Urshela 3B also was 0 for 3. All games in Arizona were canceled before their 4:00 starting times.  Shortly after those one day cancellations were announced, Major League baseball announced the cancellation of all spring training games. IN OTHER NEWS: Those of you in New York State probably know that Governor Cuomo has declared that gatherings of more than 500 people are no longer allowed for the time being.  I can picture mega-churches have a counter at the entrance.  When the clicker hits 500, then greeters will have to invite latecomers to visit the much smaller congregation down the street! Spring break in the local school system begins at the end of school on Friday and students do not return until Tuesday, March 24th.  Spring breaks in Florida school districts are staggered so that all the families do not visit the attractions like Disney World at the same time.  Now, people are waiting to find out if the attractions will be closed as they have been in other parts of the world. TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1. After T. J. Zeuch joined the Blue Jays in 2019, he tossed at least 4 innings in each of his 5 outings for Toronto while allowing 3 or fewer runs each time. 2. Larry Twitchell, an outfielder for the Cleveland Spiders, hit for the cycle and had a total of 6 hits for the game on August 15, 1889 when he collected a single, a double, 3 triples and a home run.  Hall of Famer Sam Thompson did it for the Phillies on August 17, 1894 with 3 singles, a double, a triple and a home run.  Ian Kinsler helped the Rangers to a 19-6 victory over the Orioles on April 15, 2009.  Batting leadoff, he had 2 singles, 2 doubles, a triple and a home run. BACK PAGE: Right now, I am feeling quite depressed over having to miss 9 spring training games, but my loss is no where near that of all the non-players who work for teams during the spring and the loss of revenue for hotels and motels because of people like myself canceling reservations.  The financial loss for them will be great.  At this time, I will hope that the International League schedule will start on time. Charlie Greene, First Vice-President, Buffalo Bisons Booster Club


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