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Reliving the Remarkable Major League debut of former Bisons' slugger, Davis Schneider

By: Brian Frank

Davis Schneider had one of the most extraordinary debut series in major league baseball history, setting multiple records in the Blue Jays sweep of the Red Sox at Fenway Park last weekend.

Schneider was slashing .275/.416/.553 and leading the Bisons with 21 home runs when he learned he was being promoted to the Blue Jays. The news came while he was hitting in the right-field batting cages at Sahlen Field with Spencer Horwitz and hitting coach Matt Hague, when manager Casey Candaele arrived and said he needed to meet with Hague.

Schneider during BP at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Photo Credit: Brian Frank, The Herd Chronicles

“I didn’t really think anything of it,” Schneider said in a recent interview. “Then we were walking back to the locker room and Hague was like, ‘Hey, just come into the meeting with us.’ I still didn’t really think anything of it. Then Casey told a little story that I’ll keep between him and me – but he told me.”

After that, everything became a blur.

“It all happened so quickly,” he said. “I called my parents. Then they were like – okay, you’ve got to get out of here, go to the airport and go to Boston. It all happened really fast, so I didn’t really have time to process it.”


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